Palladio Screenshot 2

Palladio Screenshot.

Palladio is a tool that enables you to analyze CSV data using different visualization formats. This page walks you through how to create a network visualization.


How to Use Palladio

  • Download the CSV file you want to analyze. We will use the topic Anatomy in this example.
  • Click on the "Open Palladio" link in the header box, above.
  • Drag and drop the CSV file you downloaded in the text field and click "Load." 
Palladio data loading

Palladio data loading.

  • The "topic" column in the CSV files contains several terms. You can tell Palladio to treat every term individually by clicking on "topic" and, in the dialog that opens, enter a comma in the "Multiple values" field.
Palladio data edit

Palladio data edit.

  • You can now visualize your data. To create a network, click on "Graph."
  • Choose a "Source" by clicking on it. For example, "topic."
  • Choose a "Target" by clicking on it. For example, "last_name." This will show you which authors identified by their last names worked on which topics.
  • Check "size nodes" and "highlight" to make the visualization a bit more readable.
  • You should now see a network visualization. What can you read from it?
Palladio network visualization

Palladio network visualization.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Use the Timeline facet to focus on a specific timeframe.
  • Use the Facet filter to narrow down the visualization according to other dimensions.
Palladio Screenshot Text

Palladio network visualization.