practitioner, promotional

Many an advertisement was for a practitioner, not a specific remedy. Itinerant healers in particular would print up a bunch of handbooks when they arrived in town, advising of their arrival, while established healers might also advertise in broadsides, or, more subtly in the prefaces to their books.

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[author not specified] ... an eminent doctor of physick newly com out of Poland… 1690
[author not specified] ... At the Angel and Ball, near St. Clement’s Church… 1694
[author not specified] ...advertisement at the blew ball... 1675
[author not specified] ...At the Angel and Ball, within 3 doors of St. Clements-Church... 1697
[author not specified] ...At the Angel and Ball, within three doors of St. Clements Church... 1689
[author not specified] is lately arrived an experienced and most famous High-German doctor... 1689
Greatrakes Valentine A brief account of Mr Valentine Greatrak’s, and divers of the strange cures by him… 1666
Greatrakes Valentine A brief account of Mr. Valentine Greatrak’s, and divers of the strange cures by him… 1668
Gray Edmund A caution to the unwary. ’Tis generally acknowledged throughout all Europe, that no nation has… 1685
Clark T. A caveat to the unwary: or, Venus unveil’d. With all her venerial train, as also… 1700
Guidott Thomas A century of observations: containing further discoveries of the nature of the hot waters at… 1686
Case John A chymical physician. Who cures all diseases curable incident to mankind, easeth all afflicted spirits… 1695
Church John A compendious enchiridion touching most distempers incident to the body of man, with the best… 1682
Guidott Thomas A discourse of Bathe, and the hot waters there. Also, some enquiries into the nature… 1676
Gray Edmund A doctor in physick, (twenty years since fellow of Kings Colledg in Cambridg) in Salisbury… 1675
Merry Nathaniel A friendly and seasonable advertisement concerning the dog-days, by Nath. Merry Philo-chim. In… 1682
Bateman Robert A gentle dose for the fool turn’d physician 1680
Guidott Thomas A letter concerning some observations lately made at Bathe· Written to his much honoured friend… 1674
Colly Anthony A more full discovery of the use and vertue of those golden purging pills: so… 1671
Spinke John A most certain, safe and speedy method of curing the French disease, without fluxing, danger… 1700
Case John A most infallible, and sure, cheap, secret, safe, and speedy cure for a clap, any… 1695
Guidott Thomas A quære concerning drinking Bath-water, at Bathe, resolved. By Evgenivs Philander… 1673
Case John A spagytick [sic] physician. Case’s wonderful choice medicines for many years exposed to publick use… 1695
Guidott Thomas A true and exact account of Sadlers Well: or, The new mineral-waters lately found… 1684
[author not specified] Absque Deo nihil possumus Try the preserving of health 1680
Pechey John Advertisement. At the Angel and Crown in King-street, near Cheap-side, next door to… 1685
Maris Peter Advertisement. At the Crown and Golden-Ball, next door to Old King Charles’s-Head, between… 1700
[author not specified] Advertisement. At the Golden Head in King’s-gate-street... 1675
Gill Advertisement. At the sign of the Blew-Ball in Grays-Inn Passage, next Red-Lyon… 1690
[author not specified] Advertisement. At the sign of the Garden of Eden... 1670