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Voyant Text Mining Tool

How to Use Voyant

The easiest way to use the Voyant online text mining tool is to upload just the text you want to analyze as a simple plain text file.


The CSV files you can download from REM contain text from multiple fields in the database and are therefore not well suited to be directly used with Voyant. If you want to use Voyant to e.g., analyze the titles of books you will need to extract just the titles from the CSV file. We will show you, below, how to do that using Google Sheets, but you can also use OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Excel, or any other tool to manipulate CSV files.


Screenshot of Voyant tool.

Screenshot of Voyant tool.

Download the CSV File

  • Download the CSV file for the data you want to visualize from any of the options in the "Analyze" menu and save the file to your computer. For example, select "Download books by topic" and then select "anatomy." Your Browser should then offer your to save the file "anatomy.csv" (in Safari you may need to select "Save as" and select "page source" as format).


Use Google Sheets to Extract Book Titles

  • Go to and start a new blank spreadsheet (you may need to log in with your Google account first).
  • In the "File" menu select "Import" and then select the "Upload" tab.
  • Drag the CSV file on your computer into the dialog box or click on "Select a file..." and select the CSV file on your computer in the following dialog.
  • The CSV file will be uploaded and you will be presented with an import options dialog.
    • Under "Import location" select "Replace current sheet."
    • Under "Separator type" select "Comma."
    • Unter "Convert text..." select "Yes."
  • Click on "Import Data" to show the spreadsheet with your data. The first row (1) will show the name of the data field in each column. The following rows are the book entries.
  • Look for the "title" column (where the first row shows "title").
  • Click on the header of the title column (marked with a letter e.g. "C") to select the whole column.
  • Copy the column (press Cmd-C on a Mac or Ctrl-C on Windows or Linux).


Use Voyant to Analyze the Book Titles

  • Click on "Go to Voyant" in the header at the top of this page.
  • Paste the book titles that you copied above into the text box under "Add texts."
  • Click the "Reveal" button.


Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Voyant is a text-mining tool with lots of functions and options. Read its documentation at!/guide/start.
  • You can sort the books in the spreadsheet by date before copying the titles by right-clicking on the header of the "TimeStamp" column and selecting "Sort sheet A->Z". Then the Voyant "Trends" graph that shows the distribution of terms over the corpus will also show a temporal ordering. (The "Document Segments" will not exactly correspond to years, however).