Animals as a topic appear in multiple genres. Some general medical guides oriented to households include what we wold call veterinary medicine, advice on the are of domestic animals. Other works focus on diet, that is on animal as meat. There are also a few words of comparative anatomy.

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Spackman Thomas A declaration of such greiuous accidents as commonly follow the biting of mad dogges, together… 1613
Guide Philippe An essay concerning nutrition in animals. Proving it analogical to that of plants. And discovering… 1699
Markham Gervase Cheap and good husbandry, for the well-ordering of all beasts and fowls, and for… 1683
Wadham William Englands choice cabinet of rarities; or, The famous Mr. Wadhams last golden legacy. Containing many… 1700
[author not specified] Every man and woman their own doctor 1676
Ramesey William Helminthologia. Or, Some physical considerations of the matter, origination, and several species of wormes, macerating… 1668
Markham Gervase Markhams maister-peece containing all knowledge belonging to the smith, farrier, or horse-leech, touching… 1656
Markham Gervase Markhams maister-peece: contayning all knowledge belonging to the smith, farrier, or horse-leech, touching… 1643
Grew Nehemiah Musæum regalis societatis: or a catalogue and description of the natural and artificial rarities belonging… 1686
Josselyn John New-Englands rarities discovered: in birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, and plants of that country, together… 1675
Tryon Thomas Notable things, or, The way to save wealth. Treating, I. Of sobriety and temperance. II… 1697
Tyson Edward Orang-outang, sive homo sylvestris: or, the anatomy of a pygmie compared with that of… 1699
Lambert James The country-man’s treasure, shewing the nature, cause, and cure of all diseases incident to… 1676
Miles Abraham The countrymans friend, and no circumventing mountebanck. But a rare method of chyrurgery and physick… 1662
Lovell William The Dukes desk newly broken up wherein is discovered divers rare receipts of [p]hysick… 1661
R. E. The experienced farrier, or, Farring compleated. In two books physical and chyrurgical. Bringing pleasure to… 1681
R. E. The experienc’d farrier: or, A compleat treatise of horsemanship. In two books; physical and chyrurgical… 1691
M. F. The jockey’s guide, and farrier’s companion: containing the best directions for breeding, buying, and preservation… 1687
[author not specified] The magick of Kirani King of Persia, and of Harpocration 1685
Clark R. Vermiculars destroyed 1691
Clark R. Vermiculars destroyed 1693
Clark R. Vermiculars destroyed with an historical account of worms, collected from the best authors as well… 1691
Clark R. Vermiculars destroyed, with an historical account of worms: collected from the best authors, as well… 1691
Schröder Johann Zoologia: or, The history of animals as they are useful in physick and chirurgery. Divided… 1659